Green Partner, Dongsung

Since the establishment in 1959, Dongsung has been manufacturing and producing chemical materials
for our entire life such as automobile, fabrics, electronics and clothing based on the polyurethane technology.
With eco-friendly materials, we have expanded the technical area to accomplish continuous growth.
We will put a great effort to create customers’ values and improve the quality of human life
through continuous R&D in the field of Energy Saving and Environment and global business expansion.
We promise sustainable future through chemical technology.


With an ideology of the best consistent heart

we will continuously make an effort for the happiness of members and createbetter customers’ values, and contribute to the abundant human life.


The Right The Best
  • Ethics
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Sustainability

History of Innovation

Dongsung has accumulated potential of domestic chemical technology and accomplished
remarkable worldwide performance while being independent on foreign technologies.

    First Domestic Commercialized MELAMINFOAM
  • TPUManufactured First Domestic TPU
    with Unchanging Property
  • PU SPRAYManufactured First Domestic Commercialized PU Spray
  • TTECommercialized Regeneration Technology for Waste Tires
  • RIMDomestic Unique
    Part Casting Technique
  • GUARDIXFirst Domestic Commercialized
  • MEDIFOAMFirst Domestic Development of
    Wound Dressing
  • GOLF BALLFirst Domestic Manufacturing
    of Golf Ball